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US - AWA - Animal Welfare Act Decisions

This document contains references to both court decisions and administrative proceedings under the Animal Welfare Act on a section by section basis.

US - AWA - Animal Welfare; Definition of Animal
The update to the Definition of Animal, in Section 1.1 of the Regulation, is simply made to make the definition of animal in the regulations more similar to that in the AWA.


The main change relates to mice, rats, and birds.


The definition in the Regulation has excluded mice and rats used for research, and all birds.


With this amendment, only birds that are bred or used for the purpose of research will be excluded.


US - AWA - Animal Welfare; Inspection, Licensing, and Procurement of Animals

Several changes and updates have been made to the licensing requirements, the procedures for licenses renewals, and restrictions upon acquisitions of dogs, cats, and other animals.


Although there have been several minor changes, with little affect to the regulation, there have been some more significant changes as well.


The new regulation seems to tighten restrictions, and provides specific guidelines for license applicants.


US - AWA - Animal Welfare; Transportation of Animals on Foreign Air Carriers

There has been a regulation update where a decision has been made to regulate the transportation of animals in commerce to all foreign air carriers, to or from any point within the United States.  If an animal is protected by the AWA, it will continue to be protected when being transported within or from the United States.  This update essentially increases the level of protection that animals protected under the AWA will receive.

US - AWA - AWA Humane Care Regs. for Other Animals (Subpart F)

This subpart contains the Specifications for the Humane Handling, Care, Treatment, and Transportation of Warmblooded Animals Other Than Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Nonhuman Primates, and Marine Mammals.

US - AWA - AWA Primate Regulations (Subpart D - Primate Standards)

This portion of the AWA regulations contains the humane care provisions for non-human primates. Included are requirements for housing facilities, primary enclosures, provisions for psychological well-being, feeding, watering, sanitization, employee requirements, and transportation standards.

US - AWA - House Debate 1966 AWA

This the debate in the House of Representatives for the initial adoption of the Animal Welfare Act in 1966. For discussion of Act see, Overview

US - AWA - Licensing and Inspection Requirements for Dealers of Dogs Intended for Hunting, Breeding, or Security Purposes

The update of the Definition of Dealer, in Section 1.1 of the Regulation is made to reflect the policy that only wholesale dealers of dogs intended for hunting, security purposes, and breeding, and not dealers of retail services, will be controlled by the regulation.  Thus, there is only a minor change to the definition of dealer, in that it now explicitly excludes any retail outlets where dogs are sold for hunting, breeding or security purposes. 

US - AWA - Marine Mammal Regulations

This subpart concerns the Specifications for the Humane Handling, Care, Treatment, and Transportation of Marine Mammals.

US - AWA - Part 1. Definition of Terms. § 1.1 Definitions.

This portion of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) regulations consists primarily of the definitions of the terms.