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Damages for the Injuring or Killing of an Animal in Swiss Law Eveline Schmeider Kayasseh Animal Legal & Historical Center

A discussion of the state of the Swiss law on the issue of damages for companion animals after the changes of the 2003 legislation (in English).

Global Journal of Animal Law

Global Journal of Animal Law

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Switzerland - Cruelty - Animal Protection Ordinance Minimum Requirements Swiss Animal Protection Ordinance 1981 The measurements given in Appendix 1 refer to light areas free of any obstacle. They may be reduced only by rounding of the corners or by feeding and watering appliances positioned in the corners. The measurements given between the brackets are minimum values for existing installations which existed on July 1, 1981 already and, under Article 76, do not need to be adapted. Statute
Switzerland - Cruelty - Swiss Animal Protection Ordinance Swiss Animal Protection Ordinance 1981

Regulations on Animal Welfare based on the Swiss Federal Act on Animal Protection. This piece of legislation is comprehensive, including laws on animal husbandry, animal research, companion animals, breeding, transport and slaughter.

Switzerland - Cruelty - Swiss Federal Act on Animal Protection of March 9, 1978 Swiss APA 1978

The following is one of two pieces of Swiss legislation concerning animal welfare. It is highly comprehensive and covers all aspects of animal welfare including but not limited to scientific research, farming, treatment of pets, national and international animal sales. This Act clearly states that no one shall unjustifiably expose animals to pain, suffering, physical injury or fear.

TRADE IN AFRICAN ELEPHANT PRODUCTS Species Survival Network SSN SC Brief 49, 2003 At COP12, it was agreed that Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa could export ivory to an as yet unidentified buyer, subject to certain conditions. The Standing Committee is required to interpret and define the language of these conditions, and to establish the process and time-frame within which decisions should be made as to their fulfillment. Article