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Overview of 2008 State Animal Law Changes Rebecca F. Wisch Animal Legal & Historical Center

This overview examines the changes to state animal laws in 2008 as well as the animal-related ballot proposals that appeared in the November election.

Dog Leash Laws Rebecca Wisch

Brief Summary of State Dog Leash Laws
Rebecca F. Wisch (2004, updated 2012)

Topical Introduction
Animal-Related Laws Passed or Amended in 2009 Rebecca F. Wisch Animal Legal & Historical Center

This article provides an overview of animal-related laws passed and/or amendment in 2009.

Summary of State Lost Property Statutes Rebecca F. Wisch Animal Legal & Historical Center

This summary provides links to the twenty or so states that have enacted lost and found property statutes. These statutes outline a procedure finders must follow when finding lost property, which supplement traditional property laws.

Overview of States that Prohibit BSL Rebecca F. Wisch Animal Legal & Historical Center This document lists the states that prohibit the regulation of dogs by local governments based on breed, commonly known as breed-specific legislation. The laws are divided into two general categories: (1) states that prohibit breed-specific legislation (BSL) in all animal regulation (9 states); and (2) states that only prohibit BSL in dangerous/vicious dog laws (15 states). In total, there are approximately 21 states with some sort of anti-BSL legislation (combining both (1) and (2) together, and not counting DE and IL twice because both have such laws). The pertinent part of the legislation is included in this list as well as a link to the actual laws. A further distinction has to be made in the application of some of these laws in the dangerous dog category. Some laws state that municipalities may not regulate dangerous dogs based solely on breed while other laws simply say that breed cannot be used to prove a dangerous dog declaration. Article
Table of State Dog Tether Laws Rebecca F. Wisch Animal Legal & Historical Center This brief overview describes state laws (23 states and D.C.) that concern the tethering or chaining of dogs. It also includes a table of those state laws dealing with tethering with links to the text of the laws. Topic Table
Landlord & Tenant Issues Concerning Dog Bites Rebecca Wisch

Brief Summary of Landlord Liability for Injury by a Tenant's Animal
Rebecca F. Wisch (2004)

Topical Introduction
Overview of Recent Dog Breeding Laws (2010) Rebecca F. Wisch Animal Legal & Historical Center

This article provides an overview of recently added or amended commercial breeder laws (from 2008 - 2010). On the whole, the new laws both mandate minimum standards of care for dogs at breeding facilities and place a limit on the number of dogs a breeder can maintain.

State Holding Period Laws for Impounded Animals Rebecca F. Wisch and Ashley Dillingham Animal Legal & Historical Center

Holding period laws are state requirements that determine how long an impounded animal must be “held” before it is able to be released or euthanized. Typically, these laws give owners anywhere between three and ten days to redeem the animal before the animal can be placed for adoption, sold, or euthanized. The majority of states require a holding period of three to five days. In all of the states with holding laws, the decision of what happens to the animal after the holding period has passed is left solely up to the animal shelter or organization that has impounded the animal.

Topic Table
Table of Dog Bite Strict Liability Statutes Rebecca F. Wisch and Diamond Conley Animal Legal & Historical Center Approximately 36 states have strict liability laws for dog bites. This table illustrates the primary components of each state's strict liability law such as animal covered, type of injury, place injury occurs, and exceptions under the law. The table does not discuss dangerous dog laws (although you can find a table of these laws under Legal Topics, Comparative Tables in the navigation bar). Topic Table