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MO - Health - Animal Quarantines 19 MO ADC 20-20.050 19 Mo. Code of State Regulations 20-20.050 This rule provides for the isolation or quarantine of animals with a communicable disease and authorizes the closing of places of public and private assembly as necessary for the protection of public health. Administrative
MO - Health - Health Requirements for Movement of Livestock, Poultry and Exotic Animals 2 Mo. Code of State Regulations 30-2.005 - 30-2.090 2 MO ADC 30-2.005 - 2.090 This set of regulations establishes the health requirements for importing and transporting domestic animals, exotic animals, and household pets. Administrative
MO - Wildlife - Wildlife Code Definitions 3 Mo. Code of State Regulations 10-20.805 This chapter includes the definitions for the Missouri Wildlife Code. Administrative