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US - MMPA - Legislative History of 1972

This document contains most of the legislative history surrounding the 1972 adoption of the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

US - Native American - American Indian Religious Freedom Act (AIFRA)

This act created an executive policy of respect for Native American religious ideas and practices.  While it does not create any substantive right of action by a Native American, AIFRA has been used substantiate claims against federal acts that infringe the exercise of Native American religions (policy affirmed by a 1994 executive order).  For discussion of federal Eagle Act, see

Detailed Discussion


US - Native American - RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act)

RFRA provides that the government may not substantially burden an individual's free exercise of religion unless it is in furtherance of a compelling government interest and it is done through the least restrictive means.  For discussion of federal Eagle Act, see Detailed Discussion .

US - Patent - Patentability of Inventions and Grant of Patents

The Patent Act governs the law of patents in the United States.  Currently, the Patent and Trademark Office functions to issue patents, for which genetically engineered animal species may legally be patented in the United States. For more, see the Topical Introduction to Genetic Engineering and Animals.

US - Permits - Subpart A. Introduction. § 13.4 Emergency variation from requirements.

This regulation provides that the Director of the USFWS may approve variations from the permit requirements if an emergency exists and it does not hinder the administration of other regulations.

US - Permits - Subpart C. Permit Administration. § 13.21 Issuance of permits.

This regulation describes the conditions under which a permit is issued to possess wildlife that is subject to restricted terms of possession.  It further outlines the disqualifying factors that will result in denial of a permit under this subchapter (i.e., conviction of a wildlife offense, failure to comply with reporting requirements, activities that threaten the particular plant or animal population, etc.).

US - Permits - Subpart C. Permit Administration. § 13.29 Review procedures.

This regulation outlines the procedure to seek administrative review of the denial for a permit to possess or otherwise take wildlife or plants.

US - Permits - Subpart D. Conditions. § 13.42 Permits are specific.

This regulation provides that permits issued to collect or otherwise take wildlife or plants are strictly construed.

US - Petitions - AWI Consolidated Petitions The following is a list of petitions submitted by the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) and other advocacy groups to United States agencies. These petitions seek changes to rule-making for various animal welfare issues and also seek designations under the federal Endangered Species Act. The provided links for each action give a summary and links to the actual filed petitions. The petitions are listed with the most recent one filed at the top of the page.
US - Pets and Housing - Pet Ownership for the Elderly and Persons With Disabilities

This final rule amends HUD's regulations governing the requirements for pet ownership in HUD-assisted public housing and multifamily housing projects for the elderly and persons with disabilities. Specifically, this final rule conforms these pet ownership requirements to the requirements for animals assisting persons with disabilities in HUD's public housing programs, other than housing projects for the elderly or persons with disabilities.