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Argentina - Wildlife - Decreto 666, 1997
Argentina - Widlife - Ley 26.600, 2010
Argentina - Transportation - Decreto 1248, 1975 This Decreto contains the regulations for the safe treatment of live animals during loading, unloading and transportation of livestock. It aims for the humane treatment of animals during transportation and other related options.
Argentina - Trade, wildlife - Ley 22.344, 1980
Argentina - Slaughter - Ley 18.819, 1970
Argentina - Racing, dog - Ley 27.330 This law prohibits dog racing in the country regardless of the dog breed. It establishes a punishment of up to four years of prison and fines for those who organize, promote, or facilitate dog races.
Argentina - Racing - Ley 27330, Dog Racing law This law prohibits dog racing of any breed in the entire territory. Organization, promotion, and facilitation of a dog race are punishable by imprisonment of not less than 3 months and not more than 4 years. Together with fines that can go from 4,000 Argentinian pesos to $80,000.
Argentina - Marine mammals - Ley 25.577, 2002
Argentina - Marine mammals - Ley 25.577 This law prohibits the hunting of cetaceans in the entire territory.
Argentina - Marine mammals - Ley 25.577 This law prohibits hunting or intentional capture of any of the cetacean species specified in the appendix. It establishes fines for those who violate this law of not less than 1 million Argentinian pesos ($1,000,000).