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ASPCA ASPCA Annual Reports 1889 & 1904

The ASPCA Published Annual reports with considerable detail about the years events, particular enforcement actions, and reports about cruelty issues.

Matthew Bacon British Game Law

A full explaination of the laws of game for the British. 1800-1850 with notes from US experience.

Hayden Wetzel Collection and Summary of Principal Animal Laws for D.C. The page includes a textual summary of the history of animal control in the Corporations of Washington, Georgetown, and the County of Washington, which became collectively known as the District of Columbia in 1871. A thorough collection of the chronology of animal control laws from 1791 to about 1940 is also attached. This includes a complete list of all laws related to animals for this period. As noted by the author, animal control tended evolve among two tracks: (1) farm animals estrays and procedures for boarding and/or returning them to their owners; and (2) dogs, which were more or less viewed as a health concerns and financial drains for local government. Enactment of anti-cruelty laws did not occur until the late nineteenth century.
MSPCA Our Dumb Animals Vol 20 No.3

This is a magazine published by the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It is a mixture of articles, humor, poems and information, not unlike the Reader's Digest format of today. It is reflective of a softer, gentler era.

David Favre Overview of Historical Materials

This article provides a quick overview of the historical materials available through the Web Center

Clara Morris Riddle of the Nineteenth Century: Mr. Henry Bergh

A short article about the person of Henry Bergh who started the ASPCA and the adoption of first of the modern anti-cruelty laws.

David Favre & Vivien Tsang The Development of the Anti-Cruelty Laws During the 1800's

Article explains how the laws which deal with protection of animals from inappropriate human acts developed during the 1800's. The key focus is on Henry Bergh's efforts in the adoption of the 1867 New York Act.

William Nelson The Laws Concerning Game (1753)

This is nice summary of the history of English Game Law from 1066 - 1700's. The following is the introduction from the book.