Full Title Name:  Where's Fido: Pets are Missing in Domestic Violence Shelters and Stalking Laws

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Tara J. Gilbreath Place of Publication:  Michigan State University College of Law Publish Year:  2008 Primary Citation:  4 Journal of Animal Law 1 (2008)

This article addresses two key areas of domestic violence law where disregard for the bond shared by an animal and owner places both the animal and the domestic violence victim in danger. The first of these situations is the majority of domestic violence shelters’ refusal or inability to allow victims to bring their animals with them. The second is the law’s blatant omission of a stalker’s threat of violence, and actual violence, towards animals from coverage by the nation’s anti-stalking laws. Both of these situations illustrate how refusal by the law to recognize the bond shared by human and animal place both in peril.

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