Full Title Name:  Reaching for Justice: An Analysis of Self-Help Prosecution for Animal Crimes

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Jennifer H. Rackstraw Place of Publication:  Animal Law Review at Lewis & Clark Law School Publish Year:  2003 Primary Citation:  9 Animal L. 243 (2003)

Although prosecutorial discretion is a firmly entrenched legal doctrine in the United States, such unbridled discretion impedes the vigorous and consistent prosecution of animal crimes. With an overwhelming incidence of animal cruelty and neglect crimes perpetrated in the United States every year, documented cases should not be passed over for prosecution due to a lack of empathy on the part of the prosecutor, a misplaced understanding of the seriousness of animal cruelty crimes, or a dearth of resources. To ensure that animal crimes are more vigorously and consistently prosecuted, citizens should take advantage of existing mechanisms that allow for public participation in the prosecutorial process, and strive to enact new legislative schemes to further facilitate the prosecution of animal crimes.

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