Full Title Name:  Proposed Fundraising Bills in Oklahoma and Missouri Would Unconstitutionally Target Animal Rights Charities

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Daina Bray, Samantha Hasey & Candace Hensley Place of Publication:  Syracuse Law Review Publish Year:  2017 Primary Citation:  67 Syracuse L. Rev. 217 (2017) 0 Country of Origin:  United States
Summary: Two proposed state bills out of Oklahoma and Missouri would prohibit an “animal rights charitable organization” from soliciting contributions in-state intended for either out-of-state use or “political purposes.” It is worthwhile to examine the bills and the factual context out of which they arose because of the important constitutional rights that they implicate and the potential chilling effect of this sort of legislation on the ability of nonprofits to advocate for their causes. While today it is “animal rights” groups under attack—by way of the bills discussed herein and other legislation such as so-called “ag-gag” bills, which suffer from some of the same constitutional deficiencies—it is not difficult to imagine scenarios in which other nonprofit groups with a viewpoint unwelcome to a legislature, or to powerful private interests, could be similarly targeted.
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Reprinted with permission. Copyright © 2017 by Syracuse Law Review; Daina Bray, Samantha Hasey, Candace Hensley

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