Full Title Name:  Overview of 2010 Ballot Proposals

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Rebecca F. Wisch Place of Publication:  Michigan State University College of Law Publish Year:  2010 Primary Citation:  Animal Legal & Historical Center

This article provides a summary of the ballot proposals and legislative-referred constitutional amendments from 2010.

Arizona Hunting and Fishing Amendment, Proposition 109 (2010) :


56.49% No

43.51% Yes

Per the proposition's descriptive title, it "[e]stablishes the right of Arizona citizens to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife lawfully; grants exclusive authority to the legislature to regulate hunting, fishing and harvesting wildlife; prohibits laws that unreasonably restrict hunting, fishing and harvesting wildlife; establishes lawful hunting and fishing as a preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife." 

Arkansas Hunting Rights Amendment, Issue 1 (2010) :


82.66% - Yes

17.34% - No

This resolution proposes to amend the Arkansas Constitution to provide for a constitutional right for citizens of the state of Arkansas to hunt, fish, trap, and harvest wildlife.

Missouri Proposition B (2010) :


51.6% - Yes

48.4% - No

Statutory Amendment to Chapter 273, Relating to Dog Breeders. The official ballot title asks voters if Missouri law be amended to (1) require large-scale dog breeding operations to provide each dog under their care with sufficient food, clean water, housing and space; necessary veterinary care; regular exercise and adequate rest between breeding cycles; (2) prohibit any breeder from having more than 50 breeding dogs for the purpose of selling their puppies as pets; and (3) create a misdemeanor crime of “puppy mill cruelty” for any violations.

South Carolina Amendment 1 - South Carolina Hunting and Fishing Amendment (2010) :


Yes - 89%

No - 11%

This proposed constitutional amendment would add an amendment (Section 25) providing that hunting and fishing are valuable parts of the state's heritage, important for conservation, and a protected means of managing nonthreatened wildlife. It also provides that the citizens of South Carolina shall have the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife traditionally pursued, subject to laws and regulations promoting sound wildlife conservation and management as prescribed by the General Assembly.

Tennessee Hunting Rights Amendment (2010) :


Yes - 87.38%

No - 12.62%

The proposed amendment on the 2010 ballot provides for the personal right to hunt and fish subject to state laws, regulations, and existing property rights. The measure also states that "traditional manners and means" may be used to take non-threatened species.


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