Full Title Name:  Looking for a Good Home: Balancing Interests in the Disposition of Impounded Animals to Owners and Rescues

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Francesca Ortiz Place of Publication:  Syracuse Law Review Publish Year:  2017 Primary Citation:  67 Syracuse L. Rev. 115 (2017) 0 Country of Origin:  United States
Summary: This Article explores the scope of governmental authority to interfere with or terminate the property rights of pet owners in the interest of efficiency and effectiveness. Part I sets out the regulatory framework for local animal control programs, describing the process for handling and disposing of stray animals and the provisions designed to help reunite owners with their pets. Part II then turns to the issue of post-redemption ownership, discussing the recognized reach of the law and its limitations as well as the cases that have contemplated termination of an owner’s rights to a pet. Part III explores the policy reasons that support a clear demarcation of when ownership of an unclaimed, impounded animal should be established in the government, making possible a clear transfer of title from a public shelter to an adopter or transferee, and Part IV suggests means by which a local government might increase the possibility of reuniting an owner with a pet within the appropriate timeframe to avoid the conflicts created by late-redeeming owners.
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Reprinted with permission. Copyright © 2017 by Syracuse Law Review; Francesca Ortiz.

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