Full Title Name:  The Hunt Club

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Hunt Club Place of Publication:  http://www.huntingtop10.com/outfitters/il/ilof3/index.html Publish Year:  1999 Primary Citation:  http://www.huntingtop10.com/outfitters/il/ilof3/index.html

This advertisement for "The Hunt Club" indicates it provides lodging, meals, and hunts of waterfowl and big game on its 16,000 preserve. It also adds that it has a "trophy management policy" with regard to hunts of "trophy" deer on a 4,000 acre archery area.


Ron Doering's 30 year vision of a hunting club became a reality in 1988 when he found he perfect piece of ground to develop for trophy whitetail management and habitat for waterfowl, turkey, and wild quail. Growing from 2,700 acres in 1998, The Hunt Club is now 16,000 acres of prime wildlife habitat -- a vast acreage of lakes, creeks, agriculture and virgin timber that provides a place for everything from field trails to trophy deer hunting.

The Hunt Club's members hail from around the country and know that The Hunt Club is unique in that it's members are offered an opportunity to hunt waterfowl, upland game and big game in an environment reminiscent of the good old days. While most of our hunters are members, each year we welcome a small number of non-members to experience trophy whitetail bowhunting and waterfowling at The Hunt Club. In addition to offering the sportsman the finest outdoor experience around, we have planned our lodge, meals and accommodations for your comfort -- a rustic, casual setting that will enhance your visit here.

Ron's dedication to habitat development and wildlife management is matched by Jill's dedication to your comfort under this roof. Meals at The Hunt Club are designed to be as memorable as your hunt and are all carefully prepared by Jill in what she calls the "French peasant food tradition." All peasants should eat like this! Whether you are looking for a new place to bowhunt where giant bucks abound, or are a waterfowler looking for one of the greatest waterfowling experiences in the country, The Hunt Club in southern Illinois may be the place for you.

Waterfowl Hunting at The Hunt Club

A typical morning in a pit at The Hunt Club just might be a different experience for you -- our guides will see to it that this hunt is your best ever! Imagine this... the pre-dawn trek after a full breakfast to a heated pit, steaming coffee, an experienced guide who is there just for that -- to guide, not hunt -- the camaraderie and friendship of your two best buddies as the sun breaks the horizon, and then, here they come. Decoying birds by the hundreds - shots at close range and then the retrieve. You are welcome to bring your own well behaved dog, or we will use ours. And then silence. A buck appears at water's edge, a turkey gobbles and a covey of quail gets up. You nearly have your limit and now is the time to have a sandwich, watch the scenery and savoir the time spent surrounded by spectacular scenery. The pit is yours for the morning, enjoy it.

Later, lunch at the Lodge, and then a choice -- a nap, or is it a day when the bass might be biting and a guided fishing trip is called for? or, do you need to sharpen those shooting skills at our world class sporting clay range? There is a lot to do before dinner. Trophy Whitetail Hunts The trophy buck management program at The Hunt Club has paid off. In addition to the 19 Pope and Young bucks one hunter has harvested at The Hunt Club, shotgun hunters at The Hunt Club, have harvested a 207 typical, 214-7/8 non-typical and many 170's. A 155-8/7 two year old shows the genetic structure of our herd. Situated in the southwestern Illinois counties of Randolph and Perry, our deer herd is blessed with the amazing genetics prevalent along the Mississippi River drainage which is causing so much attention among trophy deer hunters for the production of monster bucks. We have set aside 4,000 acres for archery on and take a maximum of four hunters a week. When combined with The Hunt Club's strict trophy management polices, the TROPHY hunter will be hard pressed to find a better chance at harvesting a buck of the lifetime.

Bow Hunts $3,000 rut hunt, $2,500 non-rut hunt, includes 5 days hunting, 6 nights lodging and meals.

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