Full Title Name:  Does Every Dog Really Have Its Day?: A Closer Look at the Inequity of Iowa's Breed-Specific Legislation

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Olivia Slater Place of Publication:  Drake Law Review Publish Year:  2018 Primary Citation:  66 Drake L. Rev. 975 (2018) 0 Country of Origin:  United States
Summary: Breed-specific laws are well intentioned, but the fear and urgency driving their enactment has led to questionable craftsmanship by lawmaking bodies. These quick-fix statutes and ordinances have resulted in a variety of unintended negative side effects that far outweigh the laws’ utilities, yet these discriminatory and ineffective laws remain in place in the municipal codes of numerous Iowa communities. This Note proposes a reform to Iowa’s existing breed-specific legislation which would eliminate the inequalities of the current laws and preserve the power of municipalities to remedy public safety concerns.
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Copyright © 2018 by Drake University; Olivia Slater. Reprinted with permission.

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