Full Title Name:  Dangerous Dog Laws: Failing to Give Man’s Best Friend a Fair Shake at Justice

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Cynthia A. McNeely & Sarah A. Lindquist Place of Publication:  Michigan State University College of Law Publish Year:  2007 Primary Citation:  3 J. Animal L. 99 (2007)

Compared to other non-human animals, dogs generally share a privileged relationship with humans. Recent government trends have been to classify dogs “dangerous” to force “irresponsible owners” to better control their dogs. While some “owners” are undeniably irresponsible and deserve to be held accountable, a fair analysis of some of the factual situations underlying dangerous dog classifications indicates that too many local governments declare dogs dangerous who are not truly dangerous. With the United States human population now at more than 300 million, it is foreseeable that this trend is only going to continue as developable land decreases, forcing humans to live closer together and to come into greater contact with neighbors' dogs.

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