Full Title Name:  Community Cats: Changing the Legal Paradigm for the Management of So-Called “Pests”

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Joan E. Schaffner Place of Publication:  Syracuse Law Review Publish Year:  2017 Primary Citation:  67 Syracuse L. Rev. 71 (2017) 0 Country of Origin:  United States
Summary: Recognizing that the science, policy, and law involving the different animal “pests” are unique, the approach to changing the traditional paradigm is largely the same. Although the debate continues surrounding free-roaming cats, the approach of cat advocates to turn the tide away from deeply entrenched lethal methods of animal control provides an interesting and useful case study on how to alter the political, scientific, and legal paradigm in favor of respecting animal life for all animals deemed “pests.”
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Reprinted with permission. Copyright © 2017 by Syracuse Law Review; Joan E. Schaffner.

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