Full Title Name:  Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law: Beyond Humanity: New Frontiers in Animal Law

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various Place of Publication:  Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law Publish Year:  2019 Primary Citation:  (2019) 5(1) CJCCL 0 Country of Origin:  Canada Documents:  PDF icon CJCCL-Volume-5.pdf (11.54 MB)


Honourable Senator Murray Sinclair, Senate of Canada  i


Beastly Dead

Vaughan Black  1

You Don’t Need Lungs to Suffer: Fish Suffering in the Age of Climate Change with a Call for Regulatory Reform

David Cassuto & Amy O’Brien  31

The Save Movement and Farmed Animal Suffering: The Advocacy Benefits of Bearing Witness as a Template for Law

Maneesha Deckha  77

Feminist Jurisprudence for Farmed Animals

Jessica Eisen  111

Not Quite Property, Not Quite Persons: A “Quasi” Approach for Nonhuman Animals

Angela Fernandez  155

Friends of Every Friendless Beast: Carceral Animal Law and the Funding of Prosecutors

Justin Marceau & William Dewey  233

Religious Slaughter and Animal Welfare Revisited: CJEU, Liga van Moskeeën en islamitische Organisaties Provincie Antwerpen (2018)

Anne Peters  269

Canada’s Experiment with Industry Self-Regulation in Agriculture: Radical Innovation or Means of Insulation?

Peter Sankoff  299

The Whale, Inside: Ending Cetacean Captivity in Canada

Katie Sykes  349

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