Full Title Name:  Animals are not Things: Animal Law in the West

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Deborah Cao Place of Publication:  Beijing, China Publish Year:  2007 ISBN Number:  7-5036-7785-4

This is the introduction for a full book in Chinese which explains many of the Western thoughts about animal welfare, animal rights to the Chinese.

Documents:  PDF icon cao_book_Intro_chinese.pdf (251.1 KB) PDF icon cao_book_Intro_english.pdf (126.46 KB)

Professor Cao, of Griffith University in Australia, has given us permission to republish the introduction to her book and has translated the introduction into English. The book is full introduction to the ideas of animal welfare and animal rights as developed in the West cultures for consideration in the Chinese culture. Book available at

http://www.lawpress.com.cn/scrp/bookdetail.cfm?iBookNo=33057&sYc=1-1  (in Chinese).

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