Full Title Name:  Animal Cruelty Laws in Arkansas in the Wake of Act 33 (S.B. 77): An Overview of the New State Animal Cruelty Legislation and Its Possible Effect on City Animal Cruelty Ordinances

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Karen L. Koch Place of Publication:  University of Arkansas Publish Year:  2009 Primary Citation:  2009 Ark. L. Notes 123

This article provides an overview of the new state legislation, presents a cross-section of city animal cruelty ordinance language and penalties available in one easily accessible place, and identifies some questions about the effects the new state legislation may have on city animal cruelty ordinances.

Documents:  PDF icon arus2009arklnotes123.pdf (628.14 KB) PDF icon stusarodfayetteville.pdf (522.96 KB) PDF icon stusarodhotsprings.pdf (1017.91 KB)



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