Full Title Name:  2006 Animal Law-Related Articles

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Brett Cattani Place of Publication:  Lewis & Clark Law School Publish Year:  2007 Primary Citation:  13 Animal Law 329 (2007)

This document provides a listing of animal-related law review and journal articles from 2006.

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Animal Law is pleased to introduce as a new annual feature the following bibliography of animal law-related articles published in law reviews and law journals during the previous year. For ease of reference, each article has been placed into a relevant category and each category provides a non-exhaustive list of potential topic examples. Some articles may appear in more than one category. Although we have made every effort to be as comprehensive as possible and present a complete listing of 2006 articles, this list may not be all-inclusive. We hope this compilation will serve as a useful resource in exploring contemporary issues in the field of animal law.

Brett Cattani

Associate Editor



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