Full Title Name:  2021-2023 State of Wisconsin Emergency Response Plan (WERP)

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Country of Origin:  United States Citation:  State of Wisconsin Emergency Response Plan (WERP) Last Checked:  April, 2023
Summary: Wisconsin revised the State of Wisconsin Emergency Response Plan (WERP) in 2021. Emergency Support Function (ESF) 11 and Attachment 1 both relate to animals and disaster planning.
Documents:  PDF icon 2021-2023_State_of_Wisconsin_Emergency_Response_Plan_(WERP).pdf (20.13 MB)

2021-2023 State of Wisconsin Emergency Response Plan (WERP): "WEM creates and maintains the Wisconsin Emergency Response Plan (WERP) to manage multi-agency state response to large-scale emergencies that exceed local response capacity. The WERP provides integration between local jurisdictions and state and federal agencies and is the mechanism for requesting federal disaster assistance."

Sample of animal related provisions in the plan:

DATCP: Wisconsin

  • Animal Response Corps
  • Respond to local and state animal emergencies that exceed local or state capabilities, providing help with:
  • Animal care and treatment; vaccination
  • Rescue
  • Animal evacuation and sheltering
  • Animal mass casualty care
  • Specimen collection, decontamination, euthanasia, and necropsy
  • Other support activities

(page 358 of pdf)

Attachment 1 - Animal Disaster Response Plan

1.1. Purpose

To coordinate agencies and organizations in supporting local and volunteer response and recovery operations for animals affected by a natural, technological, or human-caused disaster when local capabilities are overwhelmed.

( pages 367 - 380 of pdf)


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