Full Title Name:  Administrative Rules of South Dakota. Department of Agriculture (Articles 12:26 to 12:78). Article 12:68. Disease Control and Meat Inspection. Chapter 12:68:06. Importation of Animals. 12:68:06:09. Importation of cats and dogs.

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Country of Origin:  United States Citation:  SD ADC 12:68:06:09 Agency Origin:  Department of Agriculture Last Checked:  March, 2023
Summary: This South Dakota regulation states that no person may import into the state any dog or cat over three months of age without certification of a current rabies vaccination. Other health requirements for importation are detailed.

The following requirements pertain to the importation of cats and dogs:

(1) No person may import any dog or cat over three months of age without certification of a current rabies vaccination. If a dog or cat is imported from an area that is quarantined for rabies, a certifying statement is required from an accredited veterinarian that the dog or cat has not been exposed to rabies. No person may import any dog or cat less than three months of age from an area under quarantine for rabies;

(2) A certificate of veterinary inspection is not required for dogs and cats entering the state unless:

(a) The animal originates from an area quarantined for rabies;

(b) The animal originates from a foreign county;

(c) The animal is to remain in the state for 30 days or more;

(d) A resident travels with an animal to another state or province and does not return within 30 days; or

(e) The state veterinarian determines that it is necessary based on disease information for a time period not to exceed the term of the threat;

(3) It is not a violation of this section to bring a dog or cat into the state from a bordering state for the purpose of obtaining any vaccination or other health care from a licensed veterinarian.

Source: SL 1975, ch 16, § 1; 12 SDR 128, 12 SDR 154, effective July 1, 1986; 18 SDR 55, effective September 23, 1991; 31 SDR 191, effective June 6, 2005; 39 SDR 32, effective September 3, 2012.

General Authority: SDCL 40-3-14.
Law Implemented: SDCL 40-14-3, 40-14-4.


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