Full Title Name:  Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York. Title 9. Executive Department. Subtitle T. New York State Racing and Wagering Board. Chapter I. Racing. Subchapter A. State Racing Commission. Article 1. Administration. Part 4002. Occupational Licenses. Section 4002.21. License requirements for assistant trainer

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Country of Origin:  United States Citation:  9 NYCRR 4002.21 Agency Origin:  New York State Gaming Commission Last Checked:  March, 2023 Date Adopted:  1983 Last Date Amended:  2013
Summary: An assistant trainer's license may be issued to a person who is 18 years old, has three years of experience, is vouched for by the trainer by whom he or she is to be employed, and passes a written exam (or oral) and a practical exam.

(a) In addition to the qualifications set forth in section 4002.8 of this Part, an initial license as an assistant trainer may only be issued to an applicant who:

(1) is at least 18 years of age;

(2) has a minimum of three years experience in the care of horses on the race track or horse farm, at least two full years of which is as a gainfully employed licensed groom or licensed exercise person;

(3) is vouched for, in writing, by the licensed trainer by whom such assistant trainer will be employed;

(4) passes a written or oral test conducted by the commission, which may include questions on horse anatomy, disease, medication, applicable rules, regulations and training conditions of racing, stable business management, training procedures and equipment; and

(5) passes a practical examination administered by the commission, which may include questions on anatomy, lameness/disease and care of a horse and demonstrations of bandaging, saddling and other standard practices.

(b) The commission may waive such testing requirements if the applicant has been licensed as an assistant trainer in another jurisdiction for at least one year and otherwise satisfies the commission as to experience and competence.


Sec. filed Nov. 4, 1983; amd. filed March 3, 2003 eff. March 19, 2003; emergency rulemaking eff. July 9, 2013, expired; amd. filed Sept. 10, 2013 eff. Sept. 25, 2013.




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