Full Title Name:  Nevada Emergency Support Function # 14

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Country of Origin:  United States Agency Citation:  ESF # 14 Agency Origin:  Nevada Department of Agriculture Last Checked:  September, 2011

Nevada’s Emergency Support Function # 14 is an emergency plan that directs state agencies to coordinate with local and volunteer organizations to provide all animals with medical care, evacuation, confinement, food and water, and identification for return to owner. They are also to assist with the disposal of dead animals before they become a health hazard.

Link to State Disaster Law


To coordinate the response of state agencies listed in ESF # 14 to assist local and volunteer organizations to provide all animals affected by the emergency/disaster with medical care; evacuation; temporary confinement; food and water; identification for return to owner and quickly dispose of any dead animals before they become a health hazard.

To promote and assist county emergency managers to develop and activate an animal emergency disaster plan and have this plan adopted as part of the county's master emergency management plan.

It is the responsibility of the Nevada Department of Agriculture to develop and maintain a roster of personnel to staff ESF 14 when activated by the Governor.
The Nevada Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Industry will work with counties to secure the availability of the following resources as needed for a disaster area:

An up-to-date list of animal shelters and confinement areas that can be used in case of emergency to temporarily house displaced animals; and
A list of food, water and medical supply donors that can be contacted to supply needed items upon request.

The State ESF 14 is implemented only at the request of the Governor.

For ESF 14 to work smoothly and efficiently it must work through the County's Designated Animal Issues Coordinator, to assist local animal control agencies, humane organizations, livestock or farming organizations, or other animal industry representatives.


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