Full Title Name:  Nebraska State Emergency Operations Plan

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Country of Origin:  United States Citation:  2014 SEOP Last Checked:  April, 2023 Last Date Amended:  2014
Summary: The Nebraska Emergency Management Agency creates the State Emergency Operations Plan (SEOP). According to the NEMA website, "[t]his State Emergency Operations Plan establishes the policies, plans, guidelines and procedures that will allow all our emergency resources to function effectively, as a team, when disaster strikes. In content and in format, the Plan is consistent with the current nationwide concept embodied in the Integrated Emergency Management System (IEMS) in that the Plan provides for performing specific functions across the full spectrum of hazards. Most tasks and capabilities apply across a broad range of hazards. By treating them in that manner we show an integrated approach to disaster management. Unique aspects of certain hazards are addressed separately, where necessary. Therefore, this is truly a multi-hazard functional plan."
Documents:  PDF icon Nebraska State Emergency Operations Plan.pdf (2.72 MB)

Emergency Support Function (ESF) #6 contains informatin on which agencies coordinate to provide assistance on shelering of pets during a disaster (page 129 of the pdf).

Page 132:

14. Provide technical assistance for shelter operations related to such issues as: food, disease, infection, insect vectors, water supply, sanitation, waste disposal, household animals (pets), heating or cooling and the like.

To see updates and more, see the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency at https://nema.nebraska.gov/publications-and-documents.php.


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