Full Title Name:  Kentucky Administrative Regulations. Title 302. Department of Agriculture. Chapter 21. Livestock. 302 KAR 21:030. Beef Cattle, Bison, and Veal Specific Provisions

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Country of Origin:  United States Citation:  302 KAR 21:030 Agency Origin:  Department of Agriculture Last Checked:  August, 2023 Date Adopted:  2014 Last Date Amended:  2021
Summary: Beginning in 2010, Kentucky legislators used the legislative initiative process to pass House Bill 398, which requires the Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Commission to make recommendations to the Board of Agriculture to create standards for the keeping of livestock. In response, the Kentucky Board of Agriculture passed Administrative Regulation 302 21:030 in 2014 to provide additional standards and authorized practices for the keeping of livestock for beef and veal. These standards ensure that beef cows and veal calves have sufficient space, access to food and water, and that veal calves are kept in group pens to allow the calves to socialize.

RELATES TO: KRS 257.196, 525.130


NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 257.196 requires the Board of Agriculture to promulgate administrative regulations establishing on-farm livestock and poultry care standards recommended to it by the Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Commission. This administrative regulation establishes additional livestock standards and specifically authorized practices for beef cattle, bison, and veal.

Section 1. The provisions of 302 KAR 21:020 apply to on-farm livestock and poultry in Kentucky, except as provided by this administrative regulation. This administrative regulation adds additional standards and specifically authorized practices to 302 KAR 21:020 for beef cattle, bison, and veal.
Section 2. (1) Additional Standards.

(a) Veal calves shall be fed two (2) or more times per day following a regular routine, if not provided unlimited access. On all farms that house veal calves, there shall be access to hot water for the purpose of sanitation and mixing milk-based liquid diet or milk replacer.

(b) During calving, there shall be sufficient space to enable cows to separate themselves from other animals.

(c) If used, housing systems shall allow animals to access feed and water.

(2) Authorized Practices. The following shall be authorized practices:

(a) Group pens and individual pens.

1. Except as provided by subparagraph 2 of this paragraph, group pens and individual pens for veal calves shall be authorized if the pens allow for air circulation and lighting, allow socialization between veal calves, and allow the calves to stand without impediment, rest in normal postures, groom, and eat.

2. After December 31, 2017, veal calves shall be raised in group pens;

(b) Castration;

(c) Disbudding;

(d) Dehorning;

(e) Identification;

(f) Supernumerary teat removal;

(g) Hoof trimming;

(h) Artificial insemination;

(i) Embryo transfer;

(j) Navel dipping;

(k) Breeding soundness evaluations;

(l) Ear notching; and

(m) Surgery.

(40 Ky.R. 732; eff. 3-7-2014; Crt. eff. 2-11-2021.)

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