Full Title Name:  Idaho Emergency Operations Plan

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Country of Origin:  United States Citation:  Idaho Emergency Operations Plan 2021 Agency Origin:  Idaho Office of Emergency Management Last Checked:  April, 2023
Summary: The Idaho Incident Annex (ID-IA) #5, Animal Health Emergency Management Annex defines the roles and responsibilities of the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) and its supporting agencies in response to an emergency event.
Documents:  PDF icon Idaho-Emergency-Operations-Plan 2021.pdf (7.23 MB)

The Idaho Office of Emergency Management (EOP) keeps the plans on its website at https://ioem.idaho.gov/preparedness-and-protection/plans/

Household Pets and Service Animals: Animal shelters will be provided for domesticated animals and household pets/companion animals of displaced individuals and/or responders during emergency sheltering situations. Pet shelters will be near human shelters. This will allow for the pet owner to assist in caring for the animal. Local jurisdictions, as with human shelters, should locate, inspect, and set up MOUs with potential shelters before disasters. The state recognizes the varying and special requirements of individuals that require and use service animals and is committed to ensuring the needs of these individuals are appropriately addressed during emergency sheltering situations and the individuals and service animals remain together in accordance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Service animals must generally be allowed to accompany their owner anywhere other members of the public are allowed to go, including areas where food is served and most areas where medical care is provided.  While many emergency shelters do not allow residents or volunteers to bring their pets inside, shelters must generally modify no pet policies to allow people with disabilities to be accompanied by their service animals (page 154).

ID-IA # 5 Animal Health Emergency Management

I. Purpose

The Idaho Incident Annex (ID-IA) #5 – Animal Health Emergency Management Annex establishes the state's coordinated approach for addressing potential and actual animal health emergency incidents in the State of Idaho or incidents in surrounding states that affect the health and safety of the residents of the state.

This annex focuses on the unique aspects of the hazard and assigns responsibilities to state agencies and partner organizations in preparing for and responding to animal health emergency incidents. This may include providing support based on requests from state agencies and local jurisdictions, to reduce potential loss of life, damage to property, and to restore essential services quickly during and following an animal health emergency incident.

(Page 380-396).


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