Full Title Name:  Georgia Emergency Operations Plan

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Country of Origin:  United States Agency Origin:  Department of Agriculture (GDA); Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Last Checked:  February, 2017 Date Adopted:  2013 Last Date Amended:  2015

The Georgia Emergency Operations Plan contains several references to pets during state disasters. Specificaly, Emergency Support Function (ESF) #11 considers the need to plan for the "safety and well-being of household pets" and the coordination of "animal evacuation assistance."

Documents:  PDF icon Georgia Emergency Operations Plan.pdf (1.74 MB)

The Georgia Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency can be found at http://www.gema.ga.gov/Pages/default.aspx

Georgia's Emergency Operations Plan mentions household and companion animals in a few locations:

2.2 Impact Analysis

2.2.1 Potential Impact

Evacuation of animals

  • Requirement to shelter thousands of coastal residents and animals in shelters inland

(found on page 26)

ESF #11 Agriculture and Natural Resources

Coordinator: Georgia Department of Agriculture

Functional Responsibilities:

  • Safety and well-being of household pets
  • Coordinate animal evacuation assistance

(found on page 39)

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