Full Title Name:  Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies. Title 22. Agriculture. Department of Agriculture (16). Operations and Maintenance of Commercial Kennels

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Country of Origin:  United States Citation:  CT ADC § 22-344-1 to 15 Agency Origin:  Department of Agriculture Last Checked:  April, 2020
Summary: This set of Connecticut regulations concerns the keeping of dogs in commercial kennel facilities. The regulations cover the maintenance of kennel facilities, including pens, lighting, watering, feeding, ventilation, temperature, sanitation, protection from weather, and removal of waste. The section also mandates that dogs must be segregated for health or safety reasons, and litters of puppies must be separated. Dogs must be caged individually with enough room to turn about freely and stand erect.

Sec. 22-344-1 . Condition of facilities

Sec. 22-344-2 . Floors. Walls. Ceilings

Sec. 22-344-3 . Runs. Inside pens

Sec. 22-344-4 . Lighting. Sunlight

Sec. 22-344-5 . Water facilities

Sec. 22-344-6 . Ventilation

Sec. 22-344-7 . Kennel temperature

Sec. 22-344-8 . Sanitation

Sec. 22-344-9 . Removal and disposal of excreta

Sec. 22-344-10 . Segregation of dogs

Sec. 22-344-11 . Isolation facilities

Sec. 22-344-12 . Segregation of puppy litters

Sec. 22-344-13 . Cages 

Sec. 22-344-14 . Shelter from inclement weather

Sec. 22-344-15 . Water and food supplies



Sec. 22-344-1. Condition of facilities

The facilities for housing dogs shall be structurally sound and shall be maintained in good repair to prevent injury to the dogs, to contain the dogs and to restrict the entrance of other animals.

(Effective January 6, 1970.)


Sec. 22-344-2. Floors. Walls. Ceilings

Kennel floors and removable rest boards, if provided, shall be constructed of non-toxic, easily cleaned, water impervious materials. Walls and ceilings shall be painted and kept clean.

(Effective January 6, 1970.)


Sec. 22-344-3. Runs. Inside pens

Inside or outside runs shall be provided and shall be not less than thirty-six inches wide for a dog weighing not more than forty-five pounds, forty-eight inches wide for a dog weighing more than forty-five pounds. The minimum length of runs shall be ten feet. Inside pens shall be of the following sizes: For dogs weighing not more than twenty-five pounds, five square feet per dog, for dogs weighing more than twenty-five pounds but not more than forty-five pounds, nine square feet per dog, and for dogs weighing over forty-five pounds, sixteen square feet per dog.

(Effective January 6, 1970.)


Sec. 22-344-4. Lighting. Sunlight

Lighting by either natural or artificial means shall provide a minimum of thirty candle power for at least eight hours per day except where contraindicated for health reasons. A means to control the amount of sunlight entering dog quarters during the warm seasons of the year shall be provided.

(Effective January 6, 1970.)


Sec. 22-344-5. Water facilities

Hot and cold water facilities shall be provided.

(Effective January 6, 1970.)


Sec. 22-344-6. Ventilation

The kennel space shall be ventilated in such a manner as will provide fresh air at all times.

(Effective January 6, 1970.)


Sec. 22-344-7. Kennel temperature

The kennel temperature shall be maintained at a reasonable and suitable level to promote the health and comfort of the type of dog or dogs housed.

(Effective January 6, 1970.)


Sec. 22-344-8. Sanitation

Environmental sanitation shall be adequate to keep vermin at a minimum.

(Effective January 6, 1970.)


Sec. 22-344-9. Removal and disposal of excreta

Feces and other excreta shall be removed at least once daily and the runs washed down with hot water and disinfectant cleaner. Excreta shall be disposed of in a sanitary manner.

(Effective January 6, 1970.)


Sec. 22-344-10. Segregation of dogs

Adult dogs shall be segregated for health, welfare or breeding reasons, and any vicious animal shall be removed and caged separately.

Effective January 6, 1970.)


Sec. 22-344-11. Isolation facilities

Facilities for isolating dogs under quarantine or treatment for communicable diseases shall be in a room or area that is separated from other dogholding facilities.

(Effective January 6, 1970.)


S ec. 22-344-12. Segregation of puppy litters

Puppy litters shall be maintained segregated from other litters.

(Effective January 6, 1970.)


Sec. 22-344-13. Cages

Dogs confined in cages shall be caged individually except where otherwise indicated for health or welfare reasons. Each cage shall be large enough for the dog or dogs housed therein to turn about freely, to stand erect and to lie down in a natural position.

(Effective January 6, 1970.)


Sec. 22-344-14. Shelter from inclement weather

All dogs shall be provided access to shelter which will protect them against inclement weather, preserve the dogs' body heat and keep them dry. The shelter shall be kept clean and in a sanitary condition.

(Effective January 6, 1970.)


Sec. 22-344-15. Water and food supplies

Dogs shall be provided with clean and fresh water and sufficient and wholesome food, food and water containers shall be kept clean and sanitized.

(Effective January 6, 1970.)



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