Full Title Name:  Animal Welfare (Broiler Chickens: Fully Housed) Code of Welfare 2003

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Country of Origin:  Australia Citation:  Code of Welfare No. 1 Agency Origin:  National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee Last Checked:  May, 2015 Date Adopted:  2003 Last Date Amended:  2012
Summary: This code applies to all persons responsible for the welfare of broiler chickens in controlled environment broiler production systems. The pre-hatched chick that is in the last half of development is also covered by this code. In controlled environment broiler production systems, broiler chickens are kept in enclosed housing and are reliant on human management for all their daily requirements. The rearing of broiler chickens, if it is to be done well, requires both experience and the observance of high standards. Unless that work is done well, the welfare of the birds cannot be adequately protected. This code is intended to encourage all those responsible for its implementation to adopt the highest standard of husbandry, care and handling, to equal or exceed the minimum standards.
Documents:  PDF icon New Zealand Broiler Chickens Code of Welfare.pdf (109.84 KB)

Law superseded by Meat Chickens Animal Welfare (Meat Chickens) Code of Welfare 2012 A code of welfare issued under the Animal Welfare Act 1999

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