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Biological Summary of the Domestic Cat

Brief Summary of Feral Cats

Overview of Feral Cats

Summary of Feral Cat Legal Issues


New in 2010! Feral Cat Legal Issues by David Fry (includes a discussion of caretaker liability and what constitutes an owner/keeper under state law)

Detailed Discussion of Feral Cat by Anthony E. LaCroix

A Public Policy Toward the Management of Feral Cats, by Shawn Gorman and Julie Levy, 2 Pierce L. Rev. 157 (June 2004).

Feral Cat Colonies in Florida: The Fur and Feathers Are Flying, Pamela Jo Hatley, 18 J. Land Use & Envtl. L. 441 (2003).

Baker v. Middleton (2007) - An Indiana superior court ruled that feral cat colony caregivers are not liable for property damages caused by the cats. In this case, the plaintiff was a homeowner who suffered almost $2000 worth of property damage from the feral cats. The court was persuaded by recent evidence that debunks the myth that not feeding a colony will cause it to go away. To read a pdf version of the case, click here (628.01 KB).

Table of Cases Related to Cats, Generally

Table of Statutes Related to Cats, Generally

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