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Great Apes and the Law

Great Apes and the Law

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U.S. Animal Welfare Act - Legislative History - Edited by Prof. David Favre
Senate & House Reports

Legislative Materials  - Senate and House Reports

  1. Senate Report No. 1281, 1966
  2. Conference Report No. 1848, 1966
  3. House Report No. 49-1651, 1970
  4. House Report No. 49-801, 1976
  5. House Report No. 99-447, 1985

(Sen. Conf. Report No. 94-727 and identical House Conf. Report 94-976–not reprinted as they consist almost entirely of a restatement of the House bill as adopted.)

Public Laws

Section by Section review of legal history of the present provisions of the AWA.  Linked below is each of the public laws as enacted by Congress:

  1. Public Law 89-544 (1966 - original act)
  2. Public Law 91-579 (1970 Amendments)
  3. Public Law 94-279 (1976 Amendments)
  4. Public Law 99-198 (1985 Amendments)
  5. Public Law 101-624 (1990 Amendments)
  6. Public Law 107-171 (2002 Amendments)

Congressional Debate