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Landlord & Tenant: Related Statutes

Statute Name Citation Summary
OR - Animal Definitions - Chapter 87. Statutory Liens. Liens Generally. 87.142. Definitions   O. R. S. 87.142   This is Oregon's statutory definitions for Animal Statutes.  
US - Housing - Fair Housing. Subchapter I. Generally. Section 3602. Definitions.   42 U.S.C.A. 3602(h)   The following statute provides the Act's definition of "handicap" in part (h).  
US - Housing - FHA Definitions ( Section 705. Definitions)   29 USC 705(20)(B)   Sec. 504 provides the federal definition of "disability" (part 9) and "handicap" (part 20).  
US - Housing - Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973   29 USC 794   In the context of housing discrimination, this statute creates the rule that public housing authorities cannot deny housing to a disabled person solely because of his or her disability, and that if a reasonable accommodation can be made to make housing available to a disabled person, the landlord is required to make the accommodation. To establish a prima facie case of housing discrimination, the tenant must establish four elements: (1) tenant is an individual with a disability; (2) tenant is "otherwise qualified" to receive the benefit; (3) tenant was denied the benefit of the program solely by reason of his or her disability; and (4) the program receives federal financial assistance.  

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