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West's Revised Code of Washington Annotated. Title 77. Fish and Wildlife. Chapter 77.12. Powers and Duties. 77.12.650. Protection of bald eagles and their habitats--Cooperation required

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Citation: West's RCWA 77.12.650, West's RCWA 77.12.655

Citation: WA ST 77.12.650; WA ST 77.12.655

Last Checked by Web Center Staff: 10/2013


Washington law regarding eagles is extensive, and mandates cooperation from the state wildlife agency with other state in federal agencies responsible for maintaining eagle habitat. Washington provides a set of rules to prevent the bald eagle population from becoming endangered or threatened in the state of Washington. These bald eagle protection rules establish site management parameters and cooperative agreements among state partners. Private landowners are made part of the development process for the site management plans. Failure of a landowner to comply with the site management plans subjects him or her to a misdemeanor under state law. Of particular note, is the establishment of "habitat buffer zones," which delineate the specific boundaries needed to maintain eagle populations and roosting sites.  For discussion of the federal Eagle Act, see Detailed Discussion.

Statute in Full:

77.12.650 Protection of bald eagles and their habitats -Cooperation required.

The department shall cooperate with other local, state, and federal agencies and governments to protect bald eagles and their essential habitats through existing governmental programs, including but not limited to:

(1) The natural heritage program managed by the department of natural resources under chapter 79.70 RCW;

(2) The natural area preserve program managed by the department of natural resources under chapter 79.70 RCW;

(3) The shoreline management master programs adopted by local governments and approved by the department of ecology under chapter 90.58 RCW.

[1987 c 506 § 52; 1984 c 239 § 2.]


77.12.655 Habitat buffer zones for bald eagles - Rules.

The department, in accordance with chapter 34.05 RCW, shall adopt and enforce necessary rules defining the extent and boundaries of habitat buffer zones for bald eagles. Rules shall take into account the need for variation of the extent of the zone from case to case, and the need for protection of bald eagles. The rules shall also establish guidelines and priorities for purchase or trade and establishment of conservation easements and/or leases to protect such designated properties. The department shall also adopt rules to provide adequate notice to property owners of their options under RCW 77.12.650 and this section.


[2000 c 107 § 228; 1990 c 84 § 3; 1984 c 239 § 3.]


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