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Oklahoma Statutes Annotated. Title 29. Game and Fish. Chapter 1. Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Code. Article V. Game. Part 4. Protected Game. 5-410. Hawks; falcons; owls; eagles

Statute Details
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Citation: 29 Okl. St. Ann. 5-410

Citation: OK ST T. 29 5-410

Last Checked by Web Center Staff: 01/2014


Oklahoma law prohibits the knowing and willful killing or molestation of hawks, falcons, owls, or eagles, or their nests, eggs, or young. The only exceptions to this prohibition are the taking of a hawk or owl in the act of destroying domestic birds or fowl, or the use of hawks, owls, falcons, or eagles by licensed falconers.  For discussion of federal Eagle Act, see Detailed Discussion.

Statute in Full:

A. Except as otherwise provided, no person may knowingly and willfully, by means of any device, molest, injure or kill any species of hawk, falcon, owl or eagle, their nests, eggs or young.

B. Birds exempt from this provision are:

1. Any species of hawk or owl in the act of destroying domestic birds or fowl;

2. Any species of hawk, falcon, owl or eagle, except those species prohibited by federal law, when taken by a licensed falconer for use in the practice of falconry, as provided in Section 29-5-206[29-5-206] of this Code.

Laws 1974, c. 17, § 5-410, eff. April 8, 1974. Laws 1975, c. 16, § 2, eff. March 4, 1975.


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