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New Jersey

New Jersey Statutes Annotated. Title 23. Fish and Game, Wild Birds and Animals. Chapter 4. Game, Wild Birds and Animals. Article 2. Manner, Means and Times of Hunting. 23:4-24.5. Computer-assisted remote hunting prohibited; definitions; exception for certain hunters

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Citation: N. J. S. A. 23:4-24.5, NJ ST 23:4-24.5

Citation: N. J. S. A. 23:4-24.5, NJ ST 23:4-24.5

Last Checked by Web Center Staff: 01/2014

Summary:   This New Jersey law prohibits computer-assisted remote hunting or providing or operating facilities for computer-assisted remote hunting in the State.

Statute in Full:

a. No person shall engage in computer-assisted remote hunting or provide or operate facilities for computer-assisted remote hunting in the State.

b. As used in this act, “computer-assisted remote hunting” means the use of a computer via an Internet connection or any other device or equipment capable of establishing an Internet connection, or equipment or software capable of being used with an Internet connection, to remotely access and control the aiming and discharge of a firearm, bow and arrow, or any other weapon to hunt any game bird, game animal, or fur-bearing animal in the State, and “facilities for computer-assisted remote hunting” means real property and improvements on the property associated with hunting, including hunting blinds, offices and rooms equipped to facilitate computer-assisted remote hunting via an Internet connection.

c. No provision of this section shall be construed to restrict the use of equipment or devices, approved by the Fish and Game Council, by properly licensed hunters in the act of hunting in the field who require, because of a disability, handicap, or other physical condition, the assistance of certain equipment or devices that may or may not employ a computer or computerized parts in order to hunt in the field.


L.2006, c. 7, § 1, eff. April 11, 2006.


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