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Massachusetts General Laws Annotated. Part I. Administration of the Government (Ch. 1-182). Title XIX. Agriculture and Conservation (Ch. 128-132B). Chapter 131. Inland Fisheries and Game and Other Natural Resources. 75A. Birds of prey

Statute Details
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Citation: MA ST 131 75A

Citation: M.G.L.A. 131 75A

Last Checked by Web Center Staff: 01/2014


Massachusetts specifically protects the eagle as a bird of prey from hunting or possession, unless provided by permit. The law further prohibits the possession, harassment or harming of the eggs and nests of birds of prey. Notably, sale and transportation are not specifically listed under the statute.  For discussion of federal Eagle Act, see Detailed Discussion.

Statute in Full:
A person, unless he holds a special permit or license issued by the director, shall not hunt or have in his possession a bird of prey. No person shall take, molest, disturb, destroy or have in his possession the nest or eggs of any such bird, unless otherwise authorized by the director. For the purposes of this section, the term "bird of prey" shall mean and include any of the following birds: - eagle, osprey, hawk, owl, kite, falcon or vulture.


Added by St.1972, c. 445, § 1. Amended by St.1973, c. 496, § 8.


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