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West's Annotated California Codes. Penal Code. Part 1. Of Crimes and Punishments. Title 14. Malicious Mischief. 596.5. Elephants; abusive behavior by owner or manager; misdemeanor

Statute Details
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Citation: CA PENAL 596.5

Citation: West's Ann. Cal. Penal Code 596.5,

Last Checked by Web Center Staff: 11/2012

Summary:   This statute makes it a misdemeanor for an owner or manager of an elephant to discipline an elephant in an abusive manner. Abusive behavior includes deprivation of food, water, or rest, use of electricity, physical injury, or insertion of foreign objects into any orifice.

Statute in Full:

It shall be a misdemeanor for any owner or manager of an elephant to engage in abusive behavior towards the elephant, which behavior shall include the discipline of the elephant by any of the following methods:
(a) Deprivation of food, water, or rest.
(b) Use of electricity.
(c) Physical punishment resulting in damage, scarring, or breakage of skin.
(d) Insertion of any instrument into any bodily orifice.
(e) Use of martingales.
(f) Use of block and tackle.


(Added by Stats.1989, c. 1423, § 1.)


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