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West's Annotated California Codes. Fish and Game Code. Division 4. Birds and Mammals. Part 2. Birds. Chapter 1. General Provisions. 3513. Migratory nongame birds; protection

Statute Details
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Citation: CA FISH & G 3513

Citation: West's Ann. Cal. Fish & G. Code 3513

Last Checked by Web Center Staff: 10/2013


California law reiterates that it is illegal to take or possess any bird or its parts that is listed under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, of which the eagle is listed.   For discussion of federal Eagle Act, see Detailed Discussion.

Statute in Full:

It is unlawful to take or possess any migratory nongame bird as designated in the Migratory Bird Treaty Act or any part of such migratory nongame bird except as provided by rules and regulations adopted by the Secretary of the Interior under provisions of the Migratory Treaty Act.


(Added by Stats.1957, c. 1972, p. 1377, § 36. Amended by Stats.1977, c. 1208, p. 4082, § 8.)


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