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West's Alaska Statutes Annotated. Title 3. Agriculture, Animals, and Food. Chapter 55. Care of Animals; Control of Dogs. Article 1. Dogs.

Statute Details
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Citation: AK ST 03.55.010 - 070

Citation: A. S. 03.55.010 - 070

Last Checked by Web Center Staff: 10/2013

Summary:   These Alaska statutes give permission to kill dangerous dogs that are running at large or those that are chasing livestock.  It also defines a dangerous dog - "Any dog which when unprovoked has ever bitten or attacked a human being is considered vicious . . ."  Notably, "[a]ny person may lawfully kill any vicious or mad dog running at large."  This section also allows a village council of an unincorporated village to destroy loose dogs in the village or otherwise control dogs to the extent authorized first class cities.

Statute in Full:

Sec. 03.55.010 Killing of vicious or mad dog authorized.

Any person may lawfully kill any vicious or mad dog running at large. 

Prior Codifications: ACLA 1949, § 33-3-91.


Sec. 03.55.020 Dogs deemed vicious.

Any dog which when unprovoked has ever bitten or attacked a human being is considered vicious within the meaning of AS 03.55.010

Prior Codifications: ACLA 1949, § 33-3-92.


Sec. 03.55.030 Killing dogs annoying or evincing tendency to bite animals or fowls.

Whenever any dog habitually annoys any wild deer, reindeer, sheep, cattle, horse, or other animal or bird either domestic or wild, or evinces a disposition which makes it likely that it will without provocation bite an animal or fowl, any person may lawfully kill the dog, when at large. The owner or keeper of the dog, if known or reasonably identifiable, shall be notified and given reasonable opportunity to restrain the dog before it is lawful to kill it. Persons authorized to enforce AS 16.05 (Alaska Fish and Game Code) and peace officers may enforce this section.

Prior Codifications: ACLA 1949, § 33-3-93.


Secs. 03.55.040 - 03.55.060. Dog control by governmental units. [Repealed, § 9 ch 109 SLA 1966.]


Sec. 03.55.070 Power of village council to control dogs.

(a) A village council duly elected by residents of an unincorporated village not within an organized borough may destroy loose in the village and may otherwise control to the extent authorized first class cities.

(b) The council may impose and enforce the provisions of a control ordinance in the total area within 20 miles of the village. The ordinance must generally describe the area in which it is imposed. If two villages having control ordinances lie within 40 miles of each other, the jurisdiction of each village terminates at a point midway between them.

SLA 1962, ch. 120, § 4; SLA 1966, ch. 109, § 7.


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