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Great Apes and the Law

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Available Maps of State Laws:

Listed below are links to U.S. maps that provide specific state laws.  Simply click on the link to reach a particular map of the fifty states.  At the map, you may click on your state to view the state law for the topic.  Please note that all states may not have a law for the specific topic.  The maps are not meant to be a comprehensive source of all state laws, but rather are provided as an alternative launching point to learn more about these type of laws in each state.

Animal Cruelty Laws

Animal Fighting/Dogfighting Laws

Assistance Animal/Guide Dog Laws

New! Disaster Planning Laws/Regulations and Pets

Dog Bite Laws

Dog Breeding Laws  (Currently, only 35 states have adopted dog breeding laws.)

Dog Laws for All Fifty States

Ecoterrorism/State Animal Enterprise Interference Laws

Endangered Species Laws for States (Please note that the Federal Endangered Species Act takes precedence over all state endangered species laws if those laws conflict with the federal law.  Also, Alabama, North Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming have not adopted a state endangered species law.  Arizona's law only pertains to endangered or threatened plants and is not included on this site.)

Equine Activity Liability Laws (Please note that California, Maryland, Nevada, and New York have not adopted specific equine liability laws.)

Exotic Pets/Possession of Wild Animal Laws

"Good Samaritan"/Emergency Aid to Animals Laws

Hunter Harassment/Interference Laws

Pet Trust Laws (Currently, 45 states have adopted statutes that allow owners to create trusts for their pets.)

State Spay/Neuter Laws (Currently, 34 states have enacted some form of mandatory spay/neuter law for dogs and cats or create an animal population control fund.)

Veterinary Practice Laws for all States (Includes laws related to licensing, records, disciplinary sanctions for incompetent/impaired veterinarians, laws related to animals abandoned at offices, and provisions for state veterinary boards.)