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This page is the launchpad into our extensive library of journals and articles that pertain to animal law. As our site grows, this area will be a rich resource of materials, including the most current law reviews and popular materials. This will be a key resource on keeping up to date on the most recent changes in animal law.

For a complete listing of current articles go to:
Current Articles

For a complete listing of historical articles go to:
Historical Articles

For the index to the Journal of Animal Law go to:
Journal of Animal Law

For the index to the Animal Law Review go to:
Animal Law

For the list of articles dealing with issues outside the US:
NonUS Articles

For the Brazilian Animal Rights Journal (Revista Brasileira de Direito Animal) - Table of Contents for Vol. 9 (2011), and pdf of full journal. The Table of Contents for Vols. 1 - 8 (links provided within).

For the Animal Protection Law Journal (Australia) go to:
Australia Law Journal Page

For the Global Journal of Animal Law (Finland) go to:
Global Journal of Animal Law