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1) Law 8495 (2006) (text in English) (pdf file - 164.83 KB)

The law that organizes the Veterinary Official Service of Costa Rica (SENASA), the government institution that is responsible for animal welfare and many other aspects related to animal production and the protection of human and animal health.


2) Law 7451 (text in Spanish) (1994) (pdf file - 81.46 KB)

The law that regulates animal welfare in Costa Rica; its terms are based on the results of the OIE conference in Australia in 1994.


3) Law 3 (text in Spanish) (1922) (pdf file - 67.06 B)

Prohibits cockfighting.


4) Decree 11571-G (text in Spanish) (1980) (pdf file - 12.43 KB)

Prohibits animal fighting and importation of animals for that purpose.


5) Decree 31626-S (text in Spanish) (2004) (pdf file - 120.71 KB)

Regulates the responsible ownership of pets.