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Danton v. St. Francis (2007)

Plaintiff's Attorney:   Adam P. Karp

Defendant's Attorney:   Douglas K. Weigel

Topic: Pet Damages

Case File #:   06-2-01172-8

Jurisdiction:   Washington

Year Case Filed:   2007

Printible Version

This Washington case involves plaintiff's suit against defendant animal hospital for the escape of her cat while the cat was being boarded at the hospital.  Plaintiff sued for simple negligence with a presumption of res ipsa loquitur and breach of bailment contract.  With regard to damages, plaintiff pleads intrinsic value of "Moochie," which includes as component the emotional distress suffered by plaintiff.

Following a six-person jury trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of plaintiff on her negligence and breach of contract claims in a total amount of $2,500.00

The pleadings documents are listed below in chronological order.


Plaintiff's Motion in Limine (07/10/2007) (pdf file 1.98 MB)

Plaintiff's Response to Defendant's Second Motion in Limine 08/13/2007) (pdf file 46.46 KB)

Plaintiff's Trial Brief (08/13/2007) (pdf file 41.47 KB)

Defendant's Motion in Limine (07/10/2007) - (pdf 506.95 KB)

Defendant's Response to Plaintiff's Motion in Limine (07/16/2007) (pdf file 442.38 KB)

Defendant's Motion in Limine Re: Television Broadcast (08/06/2007) (pdf file 287.40 KB)

Defendant's Trial Brief (08/14/2007) (pdf file 152.57 KB)

Defendant's Statement of the Case (08/14/2007) (pdf file 27.80 KB)

Jury Instructions (08/15/2007)

Signed Judgment in Favor of Plaintiff with Exhibits (09/18/2007) (pdf file 93.64 KB) 


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