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Center for Animal Law and Advocacy v. Maggard (2002)

Plaintiff's Attorney:   Paul R. Leonard (Dayton)

Topic: Cruelty

Case File #:   02-CV 0573

Jurisdiction:   OH In the Common Pleas Court of Clark County, Ohio, Civil Division

Year Case Filed:   2002

Printible Version

The Center for Animal Law and Advocacy based on Dayton, Ohio sued the defendant, Bryon Maggard, for his actions taken against his dog, Sadie.  On March 17, 2002, the defendant beat Sadie with a skillet, tried to hang her with an electrical cord, and then set her on fire.  The Center, which initiates civil litigation on behalf of companion animals and their guardians in an attempt to elevate the legal status of such animals, sued for compensatory damages in the amount of $25,000 to cover costs of Sadie’s veterinary treatment and rehabilitation, and asked the court to prohibit defendant from owning any animals in the future.

It should be noted that, according to news accounts, Maggard (age 19 at the time of the assault) received 30 days in jail, was fined $2,000, and was ordered to receive anger and alcohol counseling. 

Chronology of Documents:

Complaint by Plaintiff in the Common Pleas Court of Clark County, Ohio (2002) (pdf. file 66.0 KB)

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