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ALDF v. Conyers (2007)

Plaintiff's Attorney:   Marilyn R. Forbes and Sarah L. Buthe; E. Spencer Parris; Bryan Batton (County Attorney)

3rd Party Attorney:   Bruce A. Wagman

Topic: Neglect/Kennels

Case File #:   07CVD17739

Jurisdiction:   North Carolina

Year Case Filed:   2007

Printible Version

Plaintiffs in this case consist of the Wake County Animal Care, Control, and Adoption Center and the local chapter of the ALDF. They seek preliminary and permanent injunctions pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. Secs. 19A-1 through 19A-4 against Defendant Janie Conyers, who was found to have 106 animals living in her house under deplorable conditions.  Specifically, plaintiffs seek to enjoin Defendant from acquiring any animals for 10 years after entry of judgment in this action.  Plaintiffs also moved for an order pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. 19A-4 terminating all possessory interests in the animals seized and awarding custody and possessory rights to the ALDF.  Most of the animals suffer from severe chronic oral and skin conditions due to neglect.

Included in the documents are affidavits from veterinary professionals and the director of Wake County Animal, Care, Control, and Adoption Center concerning both the conditions of the animals seized and the estimated costs of care for those animals during the pendency of the litigation.  The pleadings are listed in chronological order by the date of filing.


Affidavit of Betsy Sigmon (10/24/2007) (pdf file 184.18 KB)

Affidavit of Karen Larsen (10/25/2007) (pdf file 133.93 KB)

Affidavit of Jeannnie Shook (10/25/2007) (pdf file 97.01 KB)

Affidavit of Michael Williams (10/25/2007) (pdf file 173.47 KB)

Affidavit of Kacie Schmitt (10/29/2007) (pdf file 127.56 KB)

Affidavit of Michael Williams in Support of Petition for Costs of Care (10/30/2007) (pdf file 92.84 KB)

Verified Complaint and Motion and Motion for Preliminary and Permanent Injunction (10/30/2007) (pdf file 562.78 KB)

Petition for Costs of Care Pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. 19A-70 (10/31/2007 (pdf file 483.87 KB)

Civil Cover Sheet (10/31/07) (pdf file 102.56 KB)


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