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One of goals of the Animal Law Web Center is to provide access to laws from around the world.  At the moment our offerings are modest. We are constantly looking for legally trained individuals to help gather legal materials from other countries. If yours is not listed below and you or someone you know is willing to help us please let us know.

The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the European Union (EU) collections are the most extensive at this point in time.

For an extensive listing of national laws from various countries, see the Table of Animal Protection Laws by Sabine Brels, Ph.D. Student in Animal Law, Laval University, QC, Canada (pdf file -105.59 KB).

United Kingdom (UK):

For the UK, two major topics are explained with many supporting cases and statutes. The recent 2006 Animal Welfare Act is also posted.


The Canada topic provides all of the provinces' animal-related laws, the federal anti-cruelty statute, and many related cases. In addition, we have a topic area devoted to Canada's dangerous dog/dog bite laws.


The Australia page includes nearly all of the state and territory laws. There is also a broad collection of cases covering cruelty and neglect, defamation, dangerous dogs, and wildlife issues. 

European Union (EU):

Our website contains three topics devoted to EU animal welfare laws. Also included is a full table of EU decisions, directives, and regulations.

Other materials include:

For those countries that are considering the first adoption of an animal welfare law, see Proposed National Animal Welfare Act (English) (Spanish) and essay discussion. There is also a paper considering the content of four different national laws.

Considerable materials focusing on wildlife law can be found at the website of the Wildlife Group, American Society of International Law. 

International materials:

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) - Treaty Text and Topic Page

International Whaling Convention - (text)

European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals - (text)

Amendment on Animal Welfare to Amsterdam treaty creating the E.U. English text, Portuguese text

The proposed Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare (WSPA), with follow up Manila Declaration (.pdf file 154 Kb) adopted by a small set of states. See discussion in article.

The proposed International Convention for the Protection of Animals  (text)