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New York

New York Penal Law 1866: Chapter 682: Section 2

Statute Details
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Citation: N.Y. Rev. Stat. 682.2 (1866)

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Summary:   Chapter 682 from New York Penal Law of 1866 covers cruelty to animals.  Section 2 from this chapter describes the offense entitled neglect of disabled animals.  The law states the penalty for leaving a disabled or diseased animal to die on any state or city land.  

Statute in Full:

L. 1866, Chap. 682 - An act better to prevent cruelty to animals.

[Section 1 amends R. S.]

Neglect of disabled animals. Section 2. Every owner, driver or possessor of an old, maimed or diseased horse or mule, turned loose or left disabled in any street, lane or place of any city in this state, who shall allow such hours after knowledge of such disability, shall, on conviction, be adjudged guilty of a misdemeanor.

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