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New York

New York Revised Statutes 1829: Title 6: Section 26

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Citation: N.Y. Rev. stat. tit. 6, 26 (1829).

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Summary:   The law contained in Title 6, Section 26 of the New York Revised Statutes of 1829 concerns the offense of maliciously killing an animal of another.  The statute describes the type of animals covered and the punishment for killing, wounding, or maiming such an animal.  In addition, the statute also states the punishment for the offense of cruelty to animals.

Statute in Full:


Revised Statutes - 1829

SECTION 26. Every person who shall maliciously kill, maim or wound any horse, ox or other cattle, or any sheep, belonging to another, or shall maliciously and cruelly beat or torture any such animal, whether belonging to himself or another, shall, upon conviction, be adjudged guilty of a misdemeanor.

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