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Connecticut General Statutes: Title 56: Sections 6480 - 6482n

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Citation: Conn. Gen. Stat. Tit. 56 6480-6482 (1918)

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Sections 6480-6482 of Title 56 from the 1918 General Laws of Connecticut covers offences against public policy.  Specifically, the statutes cover following topics: animal fighting, penalty for attending a fight, and unlawful exhibition of sports for gain.

Statute in Full:


Offenses against public policy.

Section 6480. Keeping place where fowls or animals are fought. Every person who shall keep any place where any fowls or animals, by his consent, are suffered to fight upon exhibition or for sport, or upon any wager, shall be fined not more than seven dollars or imprisoned not more than thirty days or both.

Rev. 1902, Sec. 1396.

Section 6481. Penalty for attending cock fight. Every person who shall be present at any exhibition where any fowls or animals shall be suffered to fight upon any wager, or for sport, shall be fined not more than seven dollars.

Rev. 1902, Sec. 1397.

Section 6482. Unlawful exhibition of sports for gain. Every person who shall unlawfully make or use any place or building for sports or for the exhibition of any feats of any animal, for gain or under color of gratuity, or who shall unlawfully, in any such place or building, make any such exhibition or other trick to show, for such gain, or under such color, or who shall permit his lands or tenements, or any part thereof, to be used by another for such purposes, shall be fined not more than two hundred dollars.

Rev. 1902, Sec. 1398.

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